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Hair Services

StylistCreative Stylist Senior Stylist
Cut and blowdry£40 £54£64
Barbering/very short hair£29£40£45
Child's Dry Cut 0-6£20
Child's Dry Cut 6-12£25
Childs Cut With Wash£40
Permanent colour
All Over£77£77£77
Gloss Colour £50£50£50
Full head foils£81£93£103
Half head foils £66£79£89
Parting highlights£42£47£55
Colour and weaves £98£117£132
Bleach and tone Full Price On Quotation Full Price On Quotation Full Price On Quotation
Balayage/ombre Full Price On Quotation Full Price On Quotation Full Price On Quotation
Toner Stand alone£27£27£27
Toner with colour service£17£17£17
5 minute blonde £35£35£35
Wash and blowdry£28£36£42
Curls and Waves£25£30£30
Occasion hair up£55£55
Bridal hair£95£95
Bond pro £17£17£17
Lock Serum Treatment £5£5£5
Kerasilk premium treatment£17£17£17
Kerasilk smoothing treatmentFrom £150 Full Price On QuotationFrom £150 Full Price On QuotationFrom £150 Full Price On Quotation
Extensions Full Price On Quotation Full Price On Quotation Full Price On Quotation

Beauty Price List

Hands and Feet

  • File & Polish (30 mins) £18
Short on time or bored of your nail colour? This thirty minute treatment can be for either your hands or feet. Your nails will be shaped followed by your choice of Jessica nail polish.
  • Jessica Manicure (45mins) £35
Give your hands some love with a full manicure. Including a hand massage and soak. This manicure will also take care of your nail length and cuticles, finished with your choice of Jessica nail varnish.
  • Jessica Pedicure (60 mins) £37
Give your feet some TLC with this luxurious Jessica pedicure. This pedicure includes everything you would expect. Taking care of your cuticles and nail length, your hard skin will disappear, your feet will be soaked and massaged. Finished with your choice of Jessica nail polish.
  • Geleration Polish Hands or Feet (45 mins) £30
Gel polish lasts up to two weeks, staying shiny and chip free. It is instantly dry, allowing you to leave without fear of smudging. A removal will be necessary, your nails will be shaped and your cuticles trimmed, your chosen geleration colour will be applied. Followed by a highly nourishing cuticle oil.
  • Geleration Polish Hands or Feet (45 mins) £32
Gel polish lasts up to two weeks, staying shiny and chip free. It is instantly dry, allowing you to leave without fear of smudging. A removal will be necessary, your nails will be shaped and your cuticles trimmed, your chosen geleration colour will be applied. Followed by a highly nourishing cuticle oil.
  • Geleration Polish Manicure (60 mins) £41
You will experience everything that the Jessica manicure offers you, with the application of your chosen Jessica geleration colour. Finished with a highly nourishing cuticle oil.
  • Geleration Polish Pedicure (60 mins) £42
The geleration pedicure gives you everything that the Jessica pedicure includes but with the application of your chosen Jessica gel polish.
  • Gel Polish Removal (30 mins) £15 or £8 if re-applied
A gel removal is required before any re application of gel, or to take off any gel you may have on your nails.
  • Gel Polish/Bio Removal (30 mins) £15 or £8 if re-applied
  • Bio Sculpture
Bio sculpture gel is a vegan cruelty free gel system that promotes nail health and encourages growth. Bio sculpture gel will last three weeks with the correct care, staying shiny and chip free with no lifting. As well as giving you great shine and longevity you can also extend the natural nails, creating strong and durable enhancements Enhancements will need to be infilled every three weeks to keep the nails balanced and cover any natural nail growth we have plenty of beautiful colours in our ever-growing colour range to choose from.
  • Bio Sculpture Overlay Hands/Feet: £37
  • Bio Sculpture Overlay Manicure: £43
  • Bio Sculpture Overlay Pedicure: £43
  • Bio Sculpture Enhancements Full Set: £60
  • Bio Sculpture Enhancement Removal: £25 or £15 if re-applied.
  • Bio Sculpture Individual Enhancement Repair: £5
  • Magpie Glitter 
Why not add a little sparkle to your gel treatment with our wide range of glitter choices.
  • French Polish Surcharge £4 (15 mins extra)

Body Treatments

  • Full body massage (60 mins) £57
The full body massage is an hour long treatment it incorporates the back, neck, arms, legs and feet. Leaving you totally de stresses and free of tension.
  • Back neck and shoulder massage (30 minutes) £29
A thirty minute massage that focuses solely on your back, to help relieve tension and tightness and give you some time out to relax.
  • Extended back massage (45 mins) £40
This forty five minute massage is perfect for those who are experiencing problems with their back. Whether it’s tight shoulders or lower back pain, the extra time allows for a deeper and personalised massage with plenty of time for some much needed relaxation.

Facial Treatments

  • Pro skin (30 mins) £38
Looking for a high impact treatment? Our intensive 30-minute treatment is designed by our experts specifically for you and your most pressing skin concern. This bespoke service combines key steps professional exfoliation and deep serum treatment Experience brighter and healthier skin.
  • Pro skin (60 mins) £64
Our ultimate 60-minute treatment is customised to target all of your skin needs and to leave your skin radiant and glowing. It incorporates exfoliation techniques to even out texture and tone. Experience dramatic results in a secluded and relaxing environment.
  • Pro skin (75 mins) £72
The ultimate treatment different every time. Customised with advanced products, Techniques and technology in a soothing environment made for relaxation. The ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive experience to address all skin concerns and achieve healthy glowing skin.
  • Pro power peel (30 mins) £70 (Skin test required)
Looking for a professional peel experience? Our all-new Pro Power Peel redefines the peel experience. Our strongest and fastest peel yet, the Pro Power Peel collection features a full suite of peel products, including Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs). In this express 30-minute treatment, your skin therapist will create a customised peel to instantly rejuvenate and refresh your skin. With a unique system of three different acids for a deep exfoliation personalised to you, it is ideal to target lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or breakouts.
  • Pro power peel (60 mins) £95 (Skin test required)
Want to experience a truly transformative treatment? This effective and customised 60-minute treatment combines the benefits of our Pro Power Peel 30 treatment with additional advanced techniques. Peel results are dramatically enhanced by a supplementary deep treatment process incorporating powerful IonActive Serum™, a customised masque, this relaxing massage leaving your skin clear, smooth and glowing. You’ve never had a peel treatment like this before. skin mapping consultation 15 minutes complimentary appointment. Your skins unique, let’s treat it that way! Discover how to achieve your best skin ever with your skin fitness plan powered by Face Mapping.


Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation process which uses a specially designed hand piece and a sterile disposable blade to remove keratinized cells and vellus facial hair on the top layer of the skin. It is known for the immediate results it gives you.Rejuvenating the skin leaving your skin smooth,supple and visibly brighter. It also allows for better absorption of active ingredients found in professional and home skin care products. It gives a brilliant canvas for make up applications making it perfect for special events and brides alike.Dermaplaning facials can be received every 3-6 weeks.
  • Express Dermaplaning facial (30 mins) £40
The express treatment includes a cleanse, dermaplaning, exfoliation and the serum and moisturizer that best suits your skin.
  • Deluxe Dermaplaning facial (60 mins) £65
The Deluxe Dermaplaning facial allows you to experience the benefits of the treatment with plenty of time to relax.It includes everything the express dermaplaning facial includes with the added luxury of a masque and massage.


  • Eyebrow shape £11
  • Lip/chin £8
  • Bikini line £21
  • Hollywood/Brazilian £38
  • 1/2 leg £24
  • 1/2 leg bikini £30
  • Full leg and bikini £37
  • Under arm £20
  • Back wax £26
  • Chest wax £26
  • Full arm £24
  • Half arm £20
  • Extended bikini line £26
  • Full face £25

Lashes and Brows

  • LVL £47
LVL lashes is a revolutionary lash treatment that harnesses the best of your natural lashes. LVL stands for length volume lift, it will give you the appearance of longer thicker lashes without the need for mascara or extensions. LVL lasts up to 8 weeks. A patch test is required.
  • LVL Advanced £57
LVL Advanced is an additional treatment you can have to your lower lashes, while getting your LVL done. This additional treatment is an ideal solution for people with natural lower lashes that appear crisscrossed or that lay very close to the under-eye skin often resulting in mascara (if worn) transferring to the skin. LVL Advanced will correct criss cross lashes, fan them out and lift them with a subtle curve away from the skin. This treatment is the latest lash lifting trend that helps to accentuate the eyes even more.
  • Eyelash tint £12
Elevate your eyelash game with our eyelash tinting service. Our experienced technicians will apply a specialized dye to your lashes, resulting in darker and more defined lashes that beautifully frame your eyes.
  • Eyebrow tint £12
Enhance your eyebrow color and definition with our professional brow tinting service. Our skilled technicians will apply a specialized dye to your eyebrows, creating a polished and groomed look that complements your overall style.
  • Eyelash tint and brow tint £22
Experience the perfect duo with our lash and brow tint combo. Our skilled technicians will apply specialized dyes to both your lashes and brows, enhancing their color, definition, and overall allure. Wake up every day with effortlessly striking lashes and perfectly groomed brows that beautifully frame your face
  • Brow lamination £45
Brow lamination is a fantastic way to achieve well-defined, fuller-looking brows that beautifully frame your eyes and enhance your overall appearance, perfect for those seeking to tame unruly brows, add volume to sparse areas, or achieve that trendy brushed-up, fluffy look. The results are long-lasting, typically lasting around 4 to 6 weeks with proper care, and can be extended up to 8 weeks with maintenance. Say hello to effortlessly elegant, hassle-free brows!
  • Hybrid brow Lamination £50
Indulge in our latest beauty experience brow lamination with our HD BROWS treatment! Perfect for those seeking to tame unruly brows, add volume to sparse areas, or achieve that trendy brushed-up, fluffy look. We use a specialized chemical solution to reshape and secure your brow hairs in place, this helps create a more uniform look and enhance the overall shape of your brows. The Hybrid aspect of this treatment achieves brows that not only stay in place but also look impeccably groomed and elegantly framed with a beautiful tinted finish.
  • Lamination maintenance £27
To maintain your brow lamination, it’s advisable to schedule touch-up sessions every 4-5 weeks in between your main appointments. During these maintenance sessions, your brows will receive a rejuvenating treatment, including cleansing, tinting for color and definition, precise waxing for shaping, and a nourishing conditioning serum application. This routine keeps your brows looking impeccably groomed and stylishly shaped.
  • Hybrid signature brow sculpt £35
Our hybrid brow treatment is a customized approach to achieving the brows of your dreams. During this session, our skilled therapist will carefully map out your eyebrows, in order to create your perfect desired shape while taking into consideration your unique facial features and preferences.
The term “hybrid” refers to the combination of techniques used to create your perfect brow look. The goal is to achieve a beautifully balanced and well-defined brow shape that complements your natural beauty. With a hybrid brow treatment, you can expect a tailored and long-lasting result that enhances your facial features and leaves you feeling confident and stunning.
(LVL, Lamination and tinting services require patch test 48 prior to service)


Microblading is a semi permanent make up treatment that enhances and defines your natural brow shape. Creating realistic brow strokes using superfine needles giving the illusion of fuller brows. Consultation and patch test £45 First microblading treatment including 5 week top up £250 Top up appointments under 2 years £180 *Any top up appointments after 2 years will be deemed as a first treatment

Eyelash Extensions

  • Classic Eyelash Extensions £58
Classic Eyelash Extensions are a great way to enhance your own natural lashes to achieve a fuller look. Each lash will be individually bonded with a lash extension.
  • Hybrid Eyelash Extensions £62
Using a combination of individual lashes and fanned lashes, a hybrid set of Extensions creates more volume than a classic set of Extensions while still maintaining a natural look.


Infills are an important part of lash extension maintenance. Ensuring your lashes look their best. During an infill appointment new Eyelash Extensions will be applied to fill in any lashes that have been lost. Following the correct aftercare advice will help you to retain and get the most out of your Extensions.
  • Hybrids 2/3 Week infill £45
  • Classics 2/3 Week infill £40

Make Up

Here at Dawson’s we are proud to offer a local make up company Delilah. Cruelty free and vegan, their make up is sure to put a smile on your face, whether you would like a new lipstick or it’s your prom or wedding day we’ve got you covered.
  • Special occasion makeup £45
  • Bridal make up trial £80
  • Bridal make up £80
  • Make up lesson £45
Make-up lessons are the perfect way for you to learn new tips and tricks for you to add to your beauty routine. Our in house make up artist, Sophie, will identify what suits your skin tone and how to elevate your look from creating the perfect smoky eye to finding your dream lipstick shade. Sophie is here to guide you through all your makeup needs. we cater for bridal hair and make up on location an additional travel cost will apply